Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA

Through some unusual circumstances with one of my credit lines, I was left with no choice but to go to Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA to buy some motorcycle gear and accessories. I wasn't too happy to have to drive from Cleveland, TN to Dalton, Ga to begin with so I was really hoping that the trip would be worth it. But as it turns out my fears were confirmed.

For the past 4 year I have been going to the same dealership in FL (Sky Powersports, Hudson FL) for all my motorcycle related needs. They always treated me with respect and over that time walking into that dealership was like walking into a friends house. There were always smiles, and great prices. I never left there regretting a purchase.

But since I have moved to Cleveland, TN finding and building that sort of relationship with the local dealers has been difficult. While the people are very nice in general, the local dealers around here don't really go out of their way to ensure your return business.

So was the case with Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA. But were the local Cleveland, TN motorcycle dealers merely lacked in minor details to ensure total customer satisfaction, Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA sets the standard in portraying dealerships to avoid at all costs.

To begin, on my initial visit, arriving at the parts counter I was ignored for a good 5-10 minutes while some of the staff kid and joke around with each other. The impression I was getting was rather unprofessional as at least 4 people past me and didn't even ask if I was being helped yet. When finally a young man asks to assist me, he did so in a rather bothered way. No smile, no greeting to their establishment, but a very straight forward demeanor as if he was tagged "IT" to come help me.

I didn't pay it no attention, and went on with my list of parts and gear. On it, I had the prices my dealership in FL had quoted me. Right away they told me they would not be able to match those prices. And while I realized that they prob wouldn't, I certainly did not expect to be charged full MSRP prices and in some items more than listed MSRP, more on that later.

So I place my order and the only person nice enough to treat me like a valuable customer was the young lady taking my credit card information. She went by the name of Angie and if she ever happens to read this review, thank you Angie for you are truly a diamond in the rough that is Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA.

After a day or so, Angie calls me again. There has been some changes in the way that the credi card company takes orders and I had to drive back in to sign some paper work. Well I was not happy, already was I getting less than I was hoping to get due to their prices, now I have to make an extra trip I didn't want to make. But I return to go ahead and sign the paper work... this is were Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA failed miserably in total customer satisfaction.

As I greet Angie and get ready to sign the paper work, she apologizes and explains why I had to come in. Again, I must say Angie has very good people skills and is doing he job admirably. However in the midst of the conversation I tell her that I understood this wasn't her fault, but rather the credit card companie's fault and that they had put me in a situtation I didn't like, and went on to tell her that I really felt the prices were outrageous. Angie mentions a $100 credit to which I tried to explain to her that it barely covered the tax and the markup on a few items above listed MSRP.

This is when the "dealer owner" interrupted our conversation and decided to not put my order through because of my feedback. She went on to claim that she was loosing money on this transaction, a clear insult to my intelligence when you consider their outragous charges. The owner then leaves the room and leaves me with poor Angie the only one sympathising with me "the customer" and offering even more apologies. I told Angie not to worry about it, it wasn't her fault and left their premises.

Every business has a right to set their own prices. I realize that. And while we as customers also have a right to voice our opinions in terms of service and what we expect for our hard earned money, any good business owner knows that setting up a customer's expectations up front goes a long way into helping the customer achieve satisfaction with their purchase.

Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA fails miserably in customer satisfaction. Their prices are outragous and it is unfortunate that the markup for items purchased through them does not get you professional and corteous customer services which is the least a customer should get. Again, if you read this review in its entirety, you will see how from the very moment that I arrived at the parts counter, Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA failed to establish a professional and corteous shopping experience.

In closing I would like to say that the owner of Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA sets the example being followed at her establishement. While she partially listened to my feedback, she didn't take the time to get to the root of my comments. Instead, since the feedback coming from me was not to "HER" satisfaction she reacted in a very rude and unprofessional manner. As if how dare "I" a 1st time customer have any complaints.

In the end I guess I do have something to thank the rude owner of Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, GA.
Thank you for refusing to do business with me and helping me reflect in the mistake it was to be taking my business to you.

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